Anna Howard enjoys creating images that speak through genuine emotion, movement, humor, and simple composition. She is working to visually bridge the gap between modern, imperfect beauty and a warm, nostalgic sentiment. 

Anna's wedding work can be described as journalistic; highlighting beautifully raw moments the crux of all great love stories.


On Weddings and Families: 

I believe in capturing life in its most brilliant moments whether that be the magnitude of joy you feel when choosing to marry your life partner, or the simple beauty of the wind sweeping through your hair as you walk down the isle. Marriage, to me, is an all-encompassing depiction of the highest form of art― and it is my pleasure to photograph so many marriages on Day One. I believe the architecture, the smallest gift received, and the laughs at cocktail hour are all equally worthy and necessary to capture. They speak to you as a couple. They are part of who you are, together.

Family is another photographic depiction unmatched by any other form of art. It is the here and the now. It is what will last beyond our days. I love entering into your world with camera in hand and capturing the nuances of your individual nest!

 All in all, I am happiest when creating a photo-token, so to speak, of such moments. Mundane and monumental. If you connect with my work, let's get together. I would love to create with you. ―AH   




Adobe, Carmel Magazine, Darling, Getty Images, Woven Magazine ++



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